Mutual Funds Transactions

You can diversify your portfolio by accessing all mutual funds managed by fund management specialists and traded in TEFAS (Turkey Electronic Fund Distribution Platform), via QNB Finansinvest, with the opportunity to invest in multiple investment instruments at the same time, including fixed-income securities, equity, gold and foreign currency.

Fund transactions are subject to minimum thresholds. Minimum thresholds and multiples for trade are listed in fund specifications. No cap is applied to funds. Funds falling under the scope of thresholds are liquid funds. Buying and selling orders are placed on each trading day and transactions are realized on the value date, depending on the features of fund. No buying and selling commission is charged for fund trading.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) can be traded on QNB Finansinvest, with the exclusion of mutual fund transactions. Please contact our customer representative for ETF transactions.

You can buy and sell all mutual funds traded in Turkey Electronic Fund Distribution Platform (TEFAS) via QNB Finansinvest. Detailed information on TEFAS mutual funds is available here.

Value periods may change depending on the characteristics of funds. You can review value details of a fund which is included in the information regarding the mutual fund when trading. Detailed information and data on the funds are available here.

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