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General Custody Service involves provision of Custody services to individual portfolios (in terms of intermediary institutions and banks) managed by other investment institutions independently of investment services and activities which QNB Finansbank trades and holds authority for under the “Broadly-Authorized” title.

Pursuant to Communiqué no. III-37.1 on Principles Regarding Investment Services, Activities and Ancillary Services published on Official Gazette dated 11/07/2013 with issue no. 28703, QNB Finansinvest serves in the fields of intermediation for order transmission, transaction intermediation, and public offering intermediation, all of which can be conducted by broadly-authorized institutions. However, it also provides services to clients whose general Custody is kept by other institutions. To this end, marketing activities are performed for existing domestic and foreign clients, individual or corporate, for general custody service:

The entire Communiqué is available at:

Products Subject to Custody Service are as follows:

  • Money market instruments,
  • Capital market instruments,
  • Futures contracts,
  • Options,
  • Cash, foreign currency, deposits,
  • Precious metals,
  • Custody services are also provided for other assets and transactions deemed appropriate by the Capital Markets Board.

The principles of becoming a leader in each field of service, as well as alignment with emerging technologies in line with the vision, mission and values of QNB Finansinvest will be respected and the position as a leading investment institution will be maintained through General Custody Services, along with other services provided in this context.

Investors enjoying individual Custody services under Portfolio Management Companies we already extend services to can access information required by reviewing the regulations on the following website:

Tel: +90 212 336 73 49   E-mail:


As per the Communiqué no. III-56.1 on Portfolio Depositary Service and Providers of Such Service published on the Official Gazette dated 02/07/2013 with issue no. 28695, QNB Finansinvest is able to perform Portfolio Custody activities of all Collective Investment Institutions falling under the scope of the Communiqué, with the authorization certificate it received in July 2014.

Providing top-notch operation services to multiple collective investment institutions in the sector, QNB Finansinvest builds on this experience and ensures effective management of Portfolio Custody processes, with its competent team of solution-driven people and software that features regulation compliance checks and reporting.

In an era when lowered costs impact the performance of collective investment institutions, QNB Finansinvest stands out as a powerful alternative across Investment Trusts and Portfolio Management Companies by offering cost-effective quality solutions in Portfolio Custody process, as in other activities where it serves.

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