Why QNB Finansinvest?

Your priority is to earn money.
Our priority is to earn your heart.

When you decide to utilize your savings with investment companies, we are aware that it is your number one priority to choose the most profitable investment scenario. And you are aware that guiding you through this process is a common promise by investment companies.

As a trustworthy investment company with awareness of its responsibilities, we do not guarantee incessant flow of profits that you will not be able to experience anywhere.

We, however, believe that the difference an investment institution makes should be based on the difference of each client it serves. For the first time in Turkey, we believe that it is the clients that should be at the heart of what we do, rather than transactions, figures and products.

Whether you are aware of It or not, you have a UNIQUE Investor ıdentIty.

You may not have yet discovered your very own investor identity.  In fact, you may be shaping your investment decisions based on instant speculations, suggestions or gut feelings, for this reason.

You may feel lucky as you earn, yet you will be aware of a potential twist of luck, which makes it difficult to feel reassured about the future.

This is because, as with any part of life, success depends solely on luck in the investment realm unless you have a unique and long-term strategy.

To achieve sustainable earning, you need more than luck.

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