Warrant and Warrant-Like Products

You can perform your Warrant transactions with QNB Finansinvest in rapidly changing financial markets. You must first have an investment account at QNB Finansinvest to perform Warrant transactions. Those clients who already have a QNB Finansinvest account must sign the Risk Notification Form Regarding Warrants  and submit the wet-ink signature form to customer representatives.

A Warrant is a capital market instrument issued in the form of a security which gives its holder the right to buy or sell an underlying asset or indicator at a certain strike price at or until a certain predetermined date. Such right is exercised by registered delivery or cash settlement. The holder of a warrant buys not the underlying security itself, but the right to buy or sell such underlying security, against the payment he makes.

Investors with a high return target—who, therefore, can take higher risk—has the right to buy or sell an underlying asset or indicator with a warrant at a predetermined price, on or until a certain date.

Warrants can be preferred by investors wishing to take price change risk, protect themselves against price risks and claim a position in line with the increased volatility in the market, independently of the market direction.

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