Since its inception in 1992 under QNB Finansbank, QNB Finansinvest Corporate Sales has been the longest-standing intermediation leader in its field by providing ceaseless services to domestic and international clients for the past two decades.

Our global base of clients spans through the USA to Japan, including a set of prominent portfolio management companies—in Turkey and overseas—reputable for growth and value investments, as well as hedge funds shaping significant investments with various investment strategies around the world and notable funds known for high-frequency algorithmic transactions via electronic platforms.

The Corporate Sales and Trading team consists of people specialized in their field with an average experience of twelve years in on-going positions at Marketing and Capital Markets Intermediation departments.

Our expert marketing teams keep abreast of each and every piece of news and analyses that can serve as a factor for strategies across the BIST market for corporate fund executives, and they help relevant clients build investment strategies according to the market conditions through instant communication. Positioning ourselves close to knowledge and clients is at the heart of our service approach, which involves reinforcement of the bridge between them through products driven by value-added analyses.

Our Trading department is fully equipped, as required, to provide rapid and reliable access to Capital Markets for our corporate clients. Besides manual processing of client orders, we additionally provide effective solutions to our corporate clients wishing to make transactions as quickly as possible by leveraging cutting-edge technology via our electronic platforms.


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