Investment Opportunities in International Markets

Almost all countries have a stock market where publicly-held companies undergo trade. Global stock markets are indexes impacted by macro and micro developments in the world, with a significant magnitude based on trade volume, and followed closely by financial markets. Global stock markets or global stock market indexes can be described as values generated based on the weight of equity shared trades in the stock market of a relevant country within the index.

American stock markets are the largest in the world in terms of trading volume. In addition to equity shares, exchange traded funds (ETF) are also traded in American stock markets. Exchange traded funds are traded based on the same procedures with equity shares; however, they invest in a particular underlying asset. For instance, an exchange traded fund that is traded with the code GLD is a fund that invests in physical gold. Over 8,000 equity shares are registered and traded in American stock markets.

London Stock Exchange is the 2nd largest stock market of the world in terms of volume. Over 3,000 companies are traded in London Stock Exchange. 

Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris stock markets are traded under the umbrella of Euronext.

You can trade in American, London and European stock markets with QNB Finansinvest simultaneously via the platform or through our customer representatives. Enabling you to perform transactions on global stock markets, our transaction platform can be used on the desktop, on the mobile app and web. To perform such transactions, you must first open an account at QNB Finansinvest and sign the foreign transactions contract. The minimum threshold set for performance of transactions in global stock markets is the TRY equivalent of USD 1,000. Our commission rate for equity share transactions is 2/1000 and an additional exchange fee is charged. Exchange fees are charged by the stock market of the country of trade and mainly amount to cents.

If you wish, using our platform where you can perform transactions on global stock markets, you can purchase real-time data, access real-time stock market quotes and view a level of depth or you can view depths of up to five levels—subject to a fee—and perform equity share transactions on real-time stock exchange.

While settlement varies depending on the country in equity share transactions on global stock markets, it generally is T+3. Deposit of such equity shares you buy is handled by the relevant country’s competent authority; i.e., by the authorized custody institution. While equity shares you buy from QNB Finansinvest varies depending on the country, Euroclear and/or Citibank US are the custody institutions. 

Equity transactions in global stock markets are performed based on the currency of relevant country. For instance, Google equity shares to be bought from the American stock exchange are traded in USD. Therefore, you need to have US Dollars in your balance when trading. For example, transactions in London stock exchange are performed in “GBP”.

Besides equity share transactions, futures contracts are traded in global stock markets. Chicago Stock Exchange (CME) is the largest futures exchange of the world, in terms of trade volume. A wide range of products are available in Chicago Stock Exchange, from commodities to currencies, from indexes to livestocks. Moreover, we act as an intermediary in various futures exchanges such as Globex, Nymex and Comex. For instance, copper futures are traded in Comex stock exchange, while oil futures are traded in Nymex futures exchange.

Commissions are paid per contract in futures contracts where USD 10 + exchange transaction fee is charged as commission for one contract, separately, in buying and selling.  You can perform such transactions via the electronic transaction platform any time or contact our customer representatives by phone.


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