Fund Admin Service

QNB Finansinvest has been providing fund admin services enjoyed by various types of Mutual Funds it founded or manages to the sector’s prominent Portfolio Management Companies and Pension Companies since 2014, while sharing with the entire sector its experience and vision.

Providing top-notch Fund admin services for a wide range of collective investment institutions in the sector, QNB Finansinvest leverages its competent team of solution-driven people and software to effectively manage the services that involve handling establishment and registration procedures in accordance with the CMB regulations and other legal regulations; Fund accounting records; share trading; auditing and declarations regarding Takasbank and other portfolio depositories; TEFAS (Turkey Electronic Fund Trading Platform) Fund platform transactions; CRA (Central Registry Agency) transactions; official bookkeeping registration and certifications; management of independent audit processes; tax returns; and KAP (Public Disclosure Platform) declarations.

In an era when lowered costs impact the performance of collective investment institutions, QNB Finansinvest stands out as a powerful alternative across Pension Companies and Portfolio Management Companies by offering cost-effective quality solutions in Fund admin process, as in other activities where it serves with a team of experts.


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