Finplus is the online transaction platform of QNB Finansinvest where currency exchange trade takes place on a 5-day 24-hour basis.  On Finplus, you can perform transactions with 1:1 leverage ratio on USD/TRY and EUR/TRY parities on a daily basis on weekdays, except local and international official holidays.

The lower limit for Finpus transactions is TRY 50,000 and 50 transactions are required for 6 business days on the demo account.

Transactions performed on Finplus are not subject to a buy-sell commission fee and transactions are only performed via spread, just like foreign exchange transactions at the banks.  Our clients are not subject to a swap fee for their USD/TRY and Euro/TRY swaps, regardless of the direction or lock-up period of the position. This is what significantly distinguishes it from Forex transactions.

Finplus is compatible with any device since it is an online transaction platform.

You must first have a QNB Finansinvest account to open a Finplus account. For detailed information, please contact us via following communication channels: or 0212 336 72 72

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