VIOP - Derivatives and Option

You can easily access the future contracts and option contracts based on several underlying assets traded at VIOP, under the QNB Finansinvest expertise, and invest in the products that fits your target risks and investment preferences.

Borsa Istanbul (BIST) Derivatives Market (VIOP) is established as a market where derivative financial instruments can be traded on an electronic environment with future contracts and option contracts based on capital market instruments, as well as economic and financial indicators. Utilizing VIOP, clients can trade contracts based on equity, index (BIST-30), foreign exchange (TRY/USD, TRY/EUR, EUR/USD), gold, commodities and energy for hedging, investment and arbitrage in line with their expectations. With option contracts, buyers enjoy the right to buy or sell underlying assets based on a previously-agreed price, quantity and quality under or until a certain maturity, while sellers are obliged to buy or sell.

A minimum balance of TRY 10,000 is required to be available in your account during the first transaction in order to open a VIOP account at QNB Finansinvest.


Click here to access the Derivative Instruments Risk Form.

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