Capital Markets Advisory

Primary and Secondary Public Offerings

As for public offerings, QNB Finansinvest provides comprehensive intermediation services, tapping into its knowledge and experience, in, among others, due diligence, valuation and pricing, preparation of marketing documentation, organization of marketing and promotional activities, building a consortium for public offering and management of the book building/public offering process.
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Issuance of Debt Instruments

With its extensive knowledge in debt instrument issuances and CMB (Capital Markets Board) regulations, QNB Finansinvest provides intermediation services in conducting CMB and BIST processes in issuance of private sector debt instruments, private placements or public offering of debt instruments.
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Public Tender Call

As part of intermediation in public tender calls, QNB Finansinvest extends intermediation support in all stages of public tender call, including management of CMB and BIST processes, preparation of documentation required for the tender process, book building throughout the tender process and fulfillment of all operational transactions.
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Capital Increase and Dividend Distribution

QNB Finansinvest also provides intermediation services to companies for capital increase and dividend distribution activities.

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